About Us

Who We Are

Karissa and Nicholas Mierzejewski are the married duo that founded This is Love Bakeshop. High School sweethearts and graduates from the University of Maine (22’). They started their business with a passion for working together and sweets. Co-Owner Karissa Mierzejewski has lived with being gluten and lactose-free for over a decade and struggled to find comparable products. Since the beginning of their relationship, Nicholas has tested countless flour alternatives and baking substitutes in the hopes of developing desserts that wow the whole family. Just over two years ago they made their own wedding cake and since then have been the family bakers for every party and occasion. Making everything from cookies, cakes, swiss rolls, pies, and more. From this, they found a love and passion for baking together.

“Thank you for supporting us. We have always dreamed of working together and now we get to live out that dream and share our passion, and sweets, with you.”

Our Mission:

We pride ourselves on making flavor-forward, high-quality, baked goods with unrecognizably delicious allergen-friendly alternatives for all to enjoy.

Our Vision:

Food is a love language in our household. It’s a powerful way of connecting and expressing love. With that, we aim to eliminate the stigma that allergen-free products compromise texture and flavor so we all can enjoy.